North Africa

Different things about Moroccan Sahara

It is situated in North Africa. Sahara desert is the hottest desert all over the world. It is a third top desert in the world. First, two top deserts are Atlantic and Arctic. These two deserts are cool in their climate. Sahara desert is famous for its sand dunes and edges. People all over the world visit Sahara desert due to its different climatic condition and geography. Moroccan Sahara is occupied with different things for the attraction of visitors. Here are some of the different things.

Horse-riding for riders

Horse riding is an interesting activity for the visitors. Area of sand dunes is suitable for horse riding for people. Riders practice for their competitions of horse riding over here. They come here for especially horse riding practices.

Climatic condition

It is a different aspect associated with Sahara desert. The climate of the desert is hot and dry. Hot and sharp winds blow in the desert. It is an attractive thing of Sahara desert for people. But travelers cannot visit the desert in hot weather. They have to wait for the winter season in Sahara desert. They come to desert during their vacations.

Traveling on camel back

People visit Moroccan Sahara and travel to sand dunes by sitting on the back of a camel. They enjoy this traveling source. It is an interesting activity to enjoy a visit to Sahara desert really. You can take camel train ride when you go to Sahara for the trip. Also, you can travel on your personal jeeps and cars. But this requires an expert driver who is experienced for driving at sand dunes before. You can hire drivers for traveling in desert places.

Sand surfing

Travelers do sand surfing by using sand/snowboards. Sand dunes are famous for sand surfing of travelers. Sand of these areas is appropriate for sand skis. Slippery characteristics of sand made it available for sand surfing. You have to rub candle wax on dunes base for better surfing. No ski lifts are available on sand dunes, and you have to walk back up on the dunes for surfing. It is a joyful activity for travelers. You can use rope for safe surfing in the desert.

Spa day in Sahara

It is a habitual activity of natives of Sahara desert. People who live in desert bury them till neck in hot sand for a shorter time. This helps them to maintain their temperature and avoid fever and diseases in them. But it is to remember that you have to do it for 4 to 5 minutes and not more than that otherwise it will cause the death of you. It is good for the strength of muscles and limbs.

So, Moroccan Sahara is occupied with different places and activities for tourists. I have mentioned different things to be done in Sahara desert. Some other activities may include joining a convoy, meeting with locals, wildlife spotting and sitting around a campfire. Travelers can perform different activities to enjoy in Sahara desert. These activities are associated with Sahara due to its unique characteristics.