Bicycle Cards For Playing Quality Cards

Bicycle playing card is the leading company which focuses on manufacturing quality cards. Players feel satisfied when they play Bicycle cards with their friends and fellows after dinner. This company has got Excellence award due to its high quality and highly demanded playing cards.

Introduction to Bicycle cards

It is a famous brand of playing cards. It has commenced its operations since 1885. It has started its operations in The United States Printing Company. It became United States playing card company (USPCC), Ohio. The bicycle is the trademark of this company which is used at its cards. It is comparable to other cards manufacturing companies such as Tally-ho and Bee Playing Cards. It produces best cards due to the different card stock during the production process.


History of Bicycle Cards

It has got Excellence during a long period of time since 1885. It has started its operations with the partnership of Robert J. Morgan, A. O. Russell, John F., and James M. Armstrong. They commenced their production process with referring to two printing companies. It increased its operations during 1880 by enhancing building stories from two to six. Co-founders entered into licensing agreement with other renowned companies during the 19th century. In addition, it has proved itself as the highly demanded playing cards company. It enhanced its operational area by shifting from a small company in Cincinnati to large factory in Norwood. Areas of this factory for production process was referred to as 30 acres. During the 20th century, it has acquired other companies again such as KEM, Gambler General Store & Poker Chips and Pisano Die. it became the subsidiary of Jarden Corporation during 2004.







Designs of Bicycle cards

It consists of standard 52 playing cards deck. This deck contains cards of red and black colors. It is also known as French deck. These cards have four suits of spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts. Different numbers are shown on the cards ranging from 2 to 10 and then it proceeds to Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Ace is a card which is known as the first card in a deck. The deck consists of the hand ranks of two jokers, an information card, and poker.  Various designs are available in Bicycle cards. Some of the designs of these cards are the bridge, pinochle, vintage backs, Lo vision cards and pastel color cards. Pastel color cards are cards with different colors such as lime green, light blue, and pink. On the other hand, Lo vision cards are designed for people who are visually impaired. These cards consist of the large number on the face of light blue color. In addition, various other types of cards are also available which have different backs and color.

So, Bicycle is a famous brand for manufacturing playing cards. They are very easy to use and play. These cards are also used for purpose of estimating future by professionals. Despite this fact, it is used to play cards in a casino for money. People choose to play bicycle cards with their fellows and relatives.